I’m a husband, father, and a lover of the Lord. I am easily frustrated (working on that), sarcastic (try to be respectful of others but not really working on not being), sometimes funny, sometimes serious, and sometimes I’m just out riding my bike or sitting on the sideline of a soccer field.

This blog is less about being entertaining or insightful and more about getting the thoughts out of my head so I can sleep at night. I do hope that if you are reading it that you find it entertaining, but more importantly, I hope that I find some enjoyment in it. I have always enjoyed writing; however, I have not always (in fact, rarely) found excitement in proper punctuation or grammar. Don’t get me wrong, the basics are important to me, but I find some of the rules a bit trivial. If that’s going to rub you the wrong way, you may have already checked out, or you may want to go ahead and do that now.

So, if you’re still with me – thank you. Regardless of what I may write or even rant about, please know that 99.9% of the time it is intended to be for fun, for enjoyment.

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